The first Boer war was between the Boer republics, Transvaal (former Namibia), the Orange Free State, and Boer rebels against South Africa, Democratic republic of the Congo, Mozambique, and Botswana. It was fought between 2015-2019.

Boer revolutionEdit

The Boer revolution was a revolution carried out by Dutch Boers in the Northern regions of South Africa. The Orange Free State was an independent nation in 2015. A month later, the Namibian overthrow occurred, and Namibia was officially the Boer republic of Transvaal. Botswana and South Africa declared war on the new republics on November 2015.

Invasion of Transvaal, retaliationEdit

Botswanan soldiers invaded the Transvaal-Botswana border, and occupied 80 miles of Transvaal territory. Orange soldiers attacked Botswana, and occupied the Southern district province of Botswana. South African soldiers attacked at the Orange Free State. However, the long-going dictatorship in Mozambique that had been going since 1975, when Mozambique declared independence, ended, and the Red revolution occurred, when the Dictatorship republic of Mozambique was overthrown, and Mozambique became a Socialist republic in 2016. Mozambique declared war on the Boer republics, as the Socialists hated farmers. The Orange Free State attacked Mozambican Socialist Republic.

Botswanan revolution, Natalia, massacreEdit

In early 2017, the Botswanan revolution occurred, and Botswana was renamed Natalia. Angolan Orange rebels overthrew the Dictatorship, and replaced it with the Boer republic of West Congo. The Democratic republic of the Congo, also known as Zaire, declared war on West Congo, and the other Boer republics declared war on Congo. The Democratic republic of Congo signed the Red pact with Mozambique. Congo invaded and annexed Cabinda, a former territory of Angola, but it declared independence from Angola when the Angolan Orange revolution occurred.

treaty of PehistoriaEdit

The treaty stated

"The Boer republic of Transvaal will remain an independent sovereign nation. The Orange Free State will be independent, Botswana will be recognized as the Boer republic of Natalia. Cabinda and a large portion of West Congo will be handed to the Democratic republic of the Congo. Mozambique will become a territory protected by the Orange Free State."