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Invasion and annexationEdit

During the Soviet-Uzbek war, the Soviet Russian soldiers invaded the Uzbek province of Jizzakh. The Uzbeks held strong, but at the battle of Gurdi Hill, Soviet Russian soldiers drove off the remaining Uzbek soldiers still fighting. Uzbekistan surrendered the province to the Soviet Russian Confederation. During the Soviet-Uzbek war, Jizzakh had a status as the Jizzakhistani TUMO, (Territory Under Military Occupation).

Creation of Jizzakhi Oblast, Jizzakhi rebbellionEdit

The Moscow conference decided to incorperate the Jizzakhi territory fully into the Confederation. The new Oblast was the second Oblast created in the Confederation, the first one being Kalingrad Oblast. But, in 2020, a huge Uzbek rebbellion formed, and Jizzakhistan declared independence as the Jizzakistani Free State. A week after the declaration, Soviet troops invaded the country. The rebbellion was controlled, and Jizzakistan was re-absorbed. Civilians inside the Oblast were treated harshly. If anyone inside the territory spoke against Soviet Russia, troops would arrest them. Jizzakhi was never an independent country.