The Scandinavian war, War in Scandinavia, was a conflict between Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Soviet Russia, and Finnmarkish revolutionaires. It lasted from January 2026 to February 2030.

Finnish Democratic RepublicEdit

In 2024, Communists sieged power in finland. The other Scandinavian countries tried to resist becoming communist states. In 2026, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland declared war on Finland. Soviet Russia declared war on the countries.

Battle of the Aland isles, Finnmark revolutionEdit

Swedish and Danish soldiers invaded the Aland Isles, a region occupied by Finland. The troops battled the Finnish. A month later, Finns were expelled from the islands. Norwegian and Swedish troops invaded the Soviet Russian Murmansk Soviet Russian Republic. Soviet troops reppelled the invasion. A huge rebbellion started in the Norwegian province Finnmark. Finnmarkics wanted to become an independent state from Norway. The Finnmarkish wanted to create a communist goverment. This became known as the Finnmarkish revolution. Finnmark declared independence, and set up the Socialist republic of Finnmark. Finnmark joined the war against Norway.

Siege of Satakunta, re-absorbation of FinnmarkEdit

In 2028, Swedish soldiers land on Satakunta, a region in Finland. The siege of Satakunta was a bloody part in the war. Soviet and Finnish troops enter Denmark. The soldiers immediatly overthrow the Kingdom of Denmark. The King is exiled from the country. The People's Federal republic of Denmark was created, and joined the war against Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Meanwhile, Norwegian troops crush The Socilaist Republic of Finnmark. Norway re-absorbs the rebbellious region. In Finland, the February Revolution occures when four provonces, Southern Savonia, Northern Savonia, North Karelia and South Karelia, declare independence from Finland. The provinces unite under the name of Savonia. The Republic of Savonia declares war on Finland and invades. Swedish and Norwegian troops invade Murmansk SRR in Russia.

Invasion of Denmark, RevolutionairesEdit

In 2029, Swedish troops invade the People's Federal Republic of Denmark. Danish Guerilla fighters raid Soviet soldiers. Swedish troops took Copenhagen island, but the Danish mainland was still controlled by Socialists. Revolutionaires in Norway bomb Oslo, and the November Revolution occurs. Socialists in Tromen declare independence from Norway. The country creates a Communist regime. The Tromenic Socialist State was created on January 2, 2030.


In February 27, 2030, and armistance was signed. Two weeks before, the Kingdom of Norway split apart into the West Finnmarkish republic, the Eastern Finnmarkic Socialist republic, the United Tromic republic, the Territory of Oslo, and the Republic of West Scandinavia. The armistance stated that the Finnish Democratic republic was annexed into the Kingdom of Sweden. the Kingdom of Denmark was dissolved, and annexed into Soviet Russia. It became the Danish TUMO (Territory Under Military Occupation), which later became the Danish SRR (Soviet Russian Republic).

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