The Slovak Social Republic was a satellite state of Soviet Russia. It lasted from 2017-2026. It was created when the Greater Soviet Russian Confederation invaded the Czech-Slovak Union. Soviet Russia took a large eastern portion of the union, the used the rest of the territory to create a Soviet-friendly regime.

Build-up to warEdit

Ever since the Soviet recreation in 2014, the Soviets have had their eye on Czech-Slovak areas. The Czechoslovaks suspected that Russia would have an interest in their territory. The Czech-Slovaks fortified their army. The Soviet Russians had plans to attack the area

First Soviet-Czechslovak warEdit

In 2015, Soviet soldiers attacked. They had planned a surprise attack, but the Czechoslovaks had suspected the attack. The Soviets easily sieged Basque, a city in the Slovak area. The Soviets, although, had underestimated the Czechoslovakians. Czech-Slovak fought hard, and experienced devastating amount of loss in their army. Even Czech and Slovak civilians would take up arms. The Soviet army was not winning as fast as They thought they would. In 2016, both sides signed a ceasefire.

Second Soviet-Czechoslovak warEdit

In 2017, Soviet artillery fired across the Soviet-Czechoslovakian borders. The Czechoslovaks were still suffering from the first war. A month later the war, Czechoslovakia surrendered, and a large portion was annexed to the Greater Soviet Russian Confederation.  the remaining land was created into the Slovak Social Republic.


In 2018, a small but violent militia shot at Soviet and Slovak soldiers. The soldiers retaliated, and shot 13 Czech and Slovak members of the militia. The remaining militia members escaped. The militia named them selves the Gadiaton Warriors, also known as the Gadiatoners. Another time, about a month after the assault, a platoon of 5 Warriors bombed a Slovak city, Blastislavia. In 2019, the Soviet-Slovak goverment posted a 3,000 Sovietian (Soviet currency) on the Gadiaton Warriors. In 2020, a group of 35 Warriors raided the Slovak capital, Prague. The Warriors threw grenades, shot at soldiers and vandalized buildings. That was enough for the Slovaks and Soviets. The Slovak goverment placed a "man-hunt" on Warriors. If a soldier saw or suspected Gadiaton activity, he was legally authorized to shoot. Soldiers often mistaked civilians with Gadiatoners.

Slovak war, Orange-Gadiaton revolutionEdit

Another rebbellious Slovak group was formed called "Orange". The Orange and the Warriors joined their group together in 2021. They raided cities and important areas. In 2022, Soviet Russia and the Slovak Social Republic declared war on the Orange-Gadiaton Warriors. Soviet-Slovak soldiers almost wiped out Warriors. In 2023, the Gadiaton Warriors were gaining land. They called the land that they gained the Republic of Czec-Slovakia.

Expulsion of Socialists, creation of the United Kingdom of CzechoslovakiaEdit

In 2025, the Soviets and Socialist Slovakians were expelled from the new country, and the United Kingdom of Czechoslovakia was created.