The Soviet-Uzbek war was a 1 year war when the Soviet army invaded the soveriegn state of Uzbekistan. It started in 2017, and ended in 2018.

Invasion and annexation of Sirdayo and JizzakhEdit

In 2017, after the second Czechoslovakian-Soviet war, and the creation of the Slovak Social Republic, the Greater Soviet Russian Confederation decided to take their former lands in Central Asia. Soviet troops invaded the Uzbek province of Sirdayo. this invasion didnt take Uzbekistan by suprise, although the Soviet army was still to much for them. 2 weeks later, Uzbek soldiers evacuated the province. Uzbekistan asked for help from neiboring countries. 3 weeks later, Krygyzstan and Tajikistan declared war on Soviet Russia. the two countries were annexed a day later. Uzbekistan surrendered their province of Jizzakh. The Soviet Confederation created the Jizzakhi Soviet Russian Oblast.

Soviet occupation, new Soviet StatesEdit

Soviet Russian troops easily conquered 4 other provinces. The Soviets marched on Toshkent. In 2017, Uzbekistan surrendered their status as an independent state. Soviet Russia created the following territorial divisions. Jizzakhi Soviet Russian Oblast, Oarapali Soviet Russian Republic, Karakalic Soviet Russian Okrug, and satellite state People's Democratic republic of Quadaro.