The Third Congolese War was a continuation of the First and Second Congolese wars. In the war, Tutsi rebels once again tried to overthrow the Congolese goverment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). It was fought between Tutsi-Orange rebels along with the help from the Boer republic of West Congo, the Democratic Tutsi Republic of the Congo (DTC), Gabon, Tanzania, and Burundi against Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and the Republic of Congo. The UN was on the side of the DRC.

Tutsi-Orange rebels, DRC blames BoersEdit

In 2017, after the first Boer war, Tutsi and Orange rebels inside te DRC started placing raids. The DRC responded by shooting all Guerillas. Soon, after a month, it became a full-fledged war. The DRC blamed the Boer Republics for helping the Orange rebels. West Congo, a Boer Republic, began helping the Orange rebels, hoping for a revolution and annexation of the DRC. UN spies found out about West Congo's help. The UN stated that if West Congo continues with the aid of rebels, a coalition of British, American, German, French, and Greek forces will invade West Congo and the other Boer republics. Rwanda, Uganda, and the Republic of Congo publicly support the DRC.

Invasions and coalitionEdit

Rebel activity started increasing, and, fearing a Boer revolution, Rwanda and Uganda invaded the DTC, the Democratic Tutsi-Orange republic of the Congo. Once the rebels calmed down, West Congo invaded the DRC. This act almost started a UN invasion. Soon, Tanzania was drawn into the conflict by promises by the Boer republics that Tanzania will gain a majority of DRC territory. Tanzania swayed Gabon by promises of the Republic of Congo territory.

Attacks, invasionsEdit

In 2016, the Tanzanian navy bombarded Rwanda's occupied land in the DRC through Lake Tanganyika. Rwanda officially declared war on Tanzania. Gabonian soldiers crossed the Congan-Gabonian border. Tanzania pushed Burundi into the conflict, but Rwanda easily invaded and occupied the entire nation.