The Transcaucasian war was a conflict between the forces of Soviet Russia and Ossetian separatists against Azerbaijani, Armenian, and Chechen guerrilla fighters.


In 2014, Ossetians declared independence from Georgia. Georgians invaded the new country. The Soviet Russian army invades Georgia to liberate the Ossetians. Five days later, Georgia was annexed. Azerbaijan and Armenia declare war on Soviet Russia. Chechen rebels declare independence, and side up with the opposing sides.

Invasion of Armenia, failed counter-attackEdit

3 days, later, Armenia is invaded. Azer and Armenian soldiers try a failed counter attack on the Azerbaijan-Soviet border. The Soviets hold off the attack, a invade and occupy 3 miles of Azer territory. Chechen suicidal soldiers destroy an important Air Force base on Soviet occupied Georgia. Armenia is annexed into Soviet Russia.

Annexation of Azerbaijan, Chechenia surrenders, re-absorbedEdit

19 days later, Soviet Russian soldiers occupy Azerbaijan, but Chechen rebels still fight the war. Soviet Russia places an air raid on an important Chechen training base. 3 days after the air raid, Chechenia surrenders, and is reannexed into the Confederation.