The Turkish empire was an empire that ruled the Middle East from 2016-2039. It started with the Middle Eastern wars, and ended with the Franco-Turkish war, a part of the European War.

Middle Eastern WarEdit

The Middle Eastern war started when the Imperial Republic of Turkey was created. Turkey invaded Syria. Iraq declared war on Turkey in 2015. Turkey invaded Iraq, and took Iraqi Kurdistan, a region in Iraq. Syria surrendered a month later. Jordan and Palestine signed a treaty with Imperial Turkey. Israel used this as an exuse to attack Jordan and Palestine. In 2016, Iraq surrendered, and the Turkish Empire was created. Israel annexed Palestine and Jordan. Turkey invaded Israel. Israel and Saudi Arabia signed an anti-Imperial pact. Turkey invaded Kuwait. The United Nations pleaded the war to stop, and the U.S sent soldiers to monitor the war; to make sure that Turkey didnt use mustard gas. Kuwait surrendered, and was annexed. Yemen and Oman signed a pact with Imperial Turkey, and invaded Saudi Arabia. Turkish missiles bombed a U.S destroyer, and the U.S reacted with a bombing on the Turkish capitol, Anapoli. U.S soldiers in Turkey immediatly started smuggling oil from Turkish oil fields. U.S destroyers destroyed a base in the Hejaz. Saudi Arabia started having revolts. Islamists attacked, and the Arabian revolution occured. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was overthrown, and the Islamic Republic of Arabia was created, and this is the first time Saudi Arabia has became a republic

Invasion of Arabia, annexation of other nationsEdit

In 2017, a huge invasion of Islamic Arabia occured. Arabia was still recovering from the revolution, and was un-prepared, as many Saudi soldiers abondoned their posts because of the Islamist's takeover. Arabia surrendered, and was annexed. Israel followed. Turkey, without struggle, annexed Oman, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Sinai warEdit

In 2020, Turkey invaded the Egyptian Sinai canal. This started the 1-year long campaign between the forces of Imperial Turkey, and Egypt. The Turkish navy invaded the canal water zone. Egyptian soldiers invaded Turkish Israel. In 2021, Egypt signed a treaty were they surrendered the Sinai.

First Turko-Iranian warEdit

The first war with Iran was a 3-year conflict existing from 2022-2025. It started when Turkey invaded Iran. This didnt come as a suprise to Iran. Iranian soldiers held off the first Turkish offensive. But Turkish soldiers didnt stop, and by the end of the month, Turkey gained a long strip of land. Turkey tried a northern offensive, and conquered Iranian Azerbaijan. In 2023, Iran stopped the Turkish offensive. In the end, Turkey gained a large western portion of the Iranian land.